Real Estate Buyers Expenses (Jan 2021 Updated)

Chania Real Estate Buyers Expenses

The additional real estate expenses of buying a property in Chania (Greece) are on average  …

Notary Fees (all notary expenses included)1 - 1,5% (plus VAT) of property value
Transfer Tax3% of property value
Municipal Tax3% of the Transfer Tax
Land Registry Fee4,5‰ (plus VAT) of property value
Cadastre Fee6,5‰ (plus VAT) of property value
Legal & Technical Due Diligence Expenses vary according to the complexity of
the research and the value of the property
Technical Due DiligenceVaries in respect to the property aspects

1. The property purchase price

As agreed between the buyer and the vendor.
With off-plan properties, property buyers normally pay a deposit to the builder and then a series of stage payments.

2. Tax

Transfer tax is similar to Stamp Duty Land Tax in the United Kingdom. This is charged at 3% of the purchase price.

 Property Ownership Tax

Special Tax of Real Estate Property is abolished. An annual tax on possession of substantial real estate property is imposed on an individual level on the following scale:
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3. Legal Fees

Lawyer’s fees are charged as a percentage of the purchase price. Fees typically total around 1% -1.5% of the purchase price. There may be an additional cost if a Power of Attorney is required. Your lawyer will advise you of their fees.

4. Notary Fees

The charges involve: a standard fee of 200 euro plus 0.8% of the purchase price up to 120.000 euro property sale cost (plus VAT) and it scales accordingly for the rest of the purchase price. This fee is decreased as the the amount of the purchase price is increased. There are usually some small additional charges in relation to the number of pages in the document to be signed and how many copies of the contract shall be issued.

5. Land Registry Fees

The payable fee is dependent on the assessed tax value of the property and range from 0.45% to 0.5% of the property value. There may be minor additional fees for stamp duties and certificates.

6. Estate Agents Fees

The estate agents fees are paid by the seller. The charge is 2%-3% of the sale price.

Additional Real Estate Expenses Info

All costs are calculated using the highest value between the Contract Value and the Assessed Tax
Value. The Assessed Tax Value is determined by the Greek Ministry of Finance.
• Properties in Greece belong either to the Land Registry or to the Cadastre. The registration of a
property to the Land Registry has a 0,45% (plus VAT) rate, while the registration to the Cadastre
has a 0,65% (plus VAT) rate.

Seller’s Expenses – Costs

1. Lawyer Charges

Lawyer’s charge for attending on the day of the final contract. The presence of a lawyer during the drafting and signing of the contract is not obligatory for the seller as from the 01/01/2014. However, the lawyer’s participation is suggested for the legal protection and advise of both parties.

2. Notary Charges

Fees may be payable upon agreement between both parties involved, seller and buyer.

3. Real Estate Agent Charges

Realtor’s commission fee of 2%-3% of the property selling price plus Additional Value Tax (VAT) .

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