Chania Houses for Sale (Prices & Trends)

Chania Houses for Sale (Prices & Trends)

Chania Houses for Sale & Market Availability (Updated: 2020)


Nowadays there is a plethora of houses for sale in the Prefecture of Chania, Crete. However, tightening credit for high-end real estate development coupled with the effects of the short term rentals like Airbnb, dramatically contributed to a shortage of supply in good apartments for sale in Chania city.

This will significantly affect the market because the demand for quality apartments and high-class services is increasing as people’s lives gradually improve, and there is an increase in the foreigner community in Chania.
However, every property buyer or investor needs a good deal on their real estate purchase.

Location and condition are two main determining factors in deciding if this beautiful house for sale in Crete that they have just discovered is a good and economically feasible purchase.

While property selling price also matters, finding good Chania houses for sale that can be overhauled with minimal effort and time may not be that easy. Anyone who has bought a villa apartment or house with the intention of fixing it up knows there could be hidden problems risks and challenges that crop up without warning and aren’t easily identifiable, even with the best of home inspections.

Exclusively Listed Properties for Sale in Chania

Whether you are looking for a primary residence a holiday home in Chania, the real estate market of Crete remains one of the safest and most desirable real estate markets in which to purchase.

At ARENCORES we can assist with negotiations and professional advise on whether a property offers a secure investment with potential for high returns.

Our exclusive Chania houses for sale listings and portfolio covers all types of residential property, from studios, apartments and detached house to luxury villas and sea-front properties.

Off-Market Chania Crete Properties for Sale

Many of our residential properties are off-market and cannot be found on the internet or through other agents so we would encourage you to enquire.

Our dedicated and professional team look forward to helping you exceptional houses for for sale in Chania (or investment properties) and we can connect you to a panel of carefully selected legal and tax consultants to assist you throughout the transaction process.

If you are looking to buy a house in Chania, Crete or need assistance in identifying a magnificent real estate asset or property investment, please contact us +30 2821112777 or email