Greek Property Taxes Guide (2020 Updates)

Greek Property Taxes Guide (2020 Updates) - Real Estate Chania

In Greece, you are subject to taxation on the property acquisition, and you pay a property tax …

Greek Property Taxes Guide provide at-a-glance information, as well as details on the Greek property taxes including all required documents.  The Greek property taxes framework continues to pose many challenges for real estate investors, home owners, buyers, and auditors. This guide provided form Real Estate Chania and ARENCORES is intended to simplify the fundamental requirements involved in the Greek real estate taxation.

To attract investment and achieve compliance, today’s real estate firms need a sound operating framework that provides insight on the Greek property taxes and transaction-fees structure. According to ARENCORES, a firm’s investment and property portfolio management has a critical role in the day-to-day activity, performance, sourcing, business development and search for valuable assets. In Greece, tax collection performance lags behind the European average, while complexity and ineffectiveness are posing obstacles to fiscal consolidation. The Greek property taxes structure is characterised by high tax rates which do not result in the anticipated revenue. At the same time, while total annual tax revenues remain fairly stable the tax parameters are constantly changing, leading to a number of peculiarities.

Moreover, with a robust infrastructure, real estate firms can operate beyond reproach in the eyes of investors and shareholders, and show they hold sound investment opportunities. Through transparency, compliant operations, and accurate reliable data, they do manage risk and decide wisely on asset investments. And above all they have the ability to achieve the desired all-important, higher Return of Investment.

Greek Property Taxes Guide


Investing in Chania real estate involves dealing with more regulations, more government enforcement, property laws, codes, taxes and more risks and uncertainties. ARENCOS and ARENCORES provide an innovative and intelligent real estate services framework to help Chania Real Estate clients in design, management, maintenance and purchasing of properties. ARENCORES consult prospected buyers seeking to buy land or house in Chania, Crete and ensure they achieve the maximum asset credibility.

Greek Property Taxes Guide
Greek real estate taxation

The goal of this synergy is to provide our clients with the necessary know-how to approach the current international risk landscape with greater confidence and assurance. ARENCORES’ tax compliance processes and property valuation ensure complete and accurate reporting in accordance with the Greek property taxes, rules and regulations. ARENCORES’ consultants and valuation professionals provide effective planning strategies, acute valuation assessment, and result-oriented solutions for property owners and prospective buyers in the Chania Real Estate market.

Moreover ARENCORES provide reliable assessment reviews to ensure your properties are assessed at fair market value. Our team of Chania Real Estate professionals works with you to develop a real estate management plan that fits your needs. Our Property Identification services are customizable and flexible—all to ensure you find the ideal Chania house or land for sale. ARENCORES expertise include, industrial, retail, land, and residential properties in Chania Prefecture.

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